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Angi Morgan has served on the RWA National Board of Directors, served in numerous positions of her local chapters including President of NTRWA. She continues to serve as contest co-chair of the Great Expectations Contest and the moderator of the RWA ContestLink.



From Sale to Shelf --everything you'd like to know about what happens when you sell


Presented as the PRO-CLASS Bootcamp

2011: January 31st through February 4th




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Callie & Jane

Avery & Darby

Erren Rhodes to the Rescue

Judge And Become A Better Writer

KISMET or a Great Ending to a Crappy Day

The Problem with Villains



PRO-Bootcamp Jan/Feb 2011

From Sale to Shelf

   Standing in Line

   The Giant Roller Coaster Ride

   Loopee Loops

   Keep Your Hands Inside the Car

   Please Exit to Your Left


My Writer's Journey

During 2010 I was a guest blogger of South Carolina Writer's Workshop documenting my journey from SOLD TO SHELF. Many of the posts have been turned into articles.

Are You Ready To Be Published?

Are You Set for a Book Signing?

The Struggles with Chapter 6

Receiving the Call: A True Story

Should You Listen To Contests?