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I wanted to let you see that life happens right along with a career that you've been hoping and dreaming for, but comes to you when you least expect it.


Iíve revised my list several times. Too much info, then I removed the personal stuff and it looks like I was lazy. So Iím leaving it in. Itís long. SKIM. 


I REPEAT: it's long and meant for a reference.


I have specific dates because I began chronicling my writing at the beginning of 2009. I was determined to do everything I could to get published. I realized that the final decision was out of my hands, but getting it into the right hands WAS MY responsibility.


I donít keep a journal. But I keep a record of the number of words I write (including articles and blogs), pages I edit, and major events. But I do it in a calendar format which helps me keep up with where Iím supposed to be (especially guest blogging). Choose whatever works for you, but keep a record. Take pictures. Maybe even keep an electronic scrapbook of major events along the way. 




The first 9 months zoomed by. Here are some of the highlights:



      November 16: my agent, then my editor called

                  received too-many-to-count congratulations, answered each

                  set up Facebook Fan Page

                  began receiving invitations to blog

      December 1st: Contract

                  received first edits about the same time

                  ART FACTS & book summary (learning Harlequin system)

                  had no clue what to do with the edits--asked an Intrigue author chaptermate

                  bio / log line to agent for their website

                  Great Expectations Contest commitment, record number of entries

                  spoke to agent about next idea

      January 15: Book revisions due (actually mailed Dec 14th)

                  plotted next Intrigue idea

                  working on next synopsis & first 50 pages

                  began blogging

      February 14: Oldest daughter gets married

                  getting a handle on story

                  receive title for HILL COUNTRY HOLDUP

                  day job kicks into gear (seasonal work Feb through Nov)

                  still working on 2nd book proposal, down to last 10 pages

                  still guest blogging

      March 3rd: receive copy/line edits

                  editor would like proposal by 15th

      March 16th: submit proposal to agent / editor

      March 18th: edits to editor

      March 20th: attend conference -- Iím convinced I donít know how to write

      March 24th: started major diet

      March 25th: Golden Heart finalist call

      April: waiting game plays mind tricks

                  still guest blogging...working day job

                  try to write, too paranoid to write much



      May 13th: Editors donít really like your villain or motivation

      May 14th: Change the synopsis & first 50 pages

      May   5th: Resubmit

                  youngest daughter returns from college

                  more guest blogging

                  thinking about revamping website, whatís my ďbrandĒ

      May 28th: Got the call, second book sold to Intrigue

                  February 2011 release date

                  Submit on August 1st  = 9 weeks to write approximately 52K

                  Youngest daughter diagnosed with Mono



      June:     Art Fact sheets, book info all due PRIOR to contract

      June 14th: see book cover on

                  Sign contract for .38 Caliber

      July 1st: unscheduled knee surgery, basically lose two weeks of writing

                  on crutches for 6 weeks

                  infamous Angi In Wonderland Chapter gets written

                  guest blogging at least once per week

                  CP (Amy Atwell) comes up with perfect TAG:

                        Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love.

                  develop brand: Texas flag variation

                  husband begins re-designing website

      Jul 12th: Launch (contributor) blog to promote writers

      July 27th: National conference

                  continuing to write end of book while roommates crack their whips

                  Golden Heart nominee activities / Winner

      Aug 1st: Book due, see book on sale for first time

                  family trip to Disney/Epcot

                  chat with Agent--book will be late

      Aug   4th: daughter moves, I canít help, writing book

      Aug 12th:  BOOKS ARRIVE --I hold my first copy of my first book

                  explain to family members why they need to BUY the books during release week

                        they still want copies >>grin<<

      Aug 16th:  new deadline, submitted on August 14th

                  write newsletter articles for September promotion

                  more blogging

                  trying to decipher on-line social media workshop

                  BOOK TRAILER for Hill Country Holdup -- Updated and posted

                  discovered I paid for a workshop on the day I had surgery,

                        didnít remember (I was definitely on pain killers), no refund

      Aug 20th: copy edits for .38 Caliber

      Aug 26th:  line edits for .38 Caliber while on research trip in San Antonio

      Sept:    blog 16 out of 30 days

                  Labor Day camping trip with grandkids

                        drove to a nearby town for WIFI to post to blog

      Sept 7th: have an ďOSĒ moment--whatís involved in a book signing?

                  order book marks, talk to other authors at signing

                  borrowing stickers, more give-aways



      Sept 14th: RELEASE DAY

                  blogging at 3 sites

                  visit book stores with one of my CPs, distributed book marks

                  SELL OUT (almost 50 copies) at first book signing

                  SELL over 45 copies at 2nd book signing

      Oct:      speak to agent & editor about next proposal

                  Combining stand-alone book into the first seriesí book

                  10 days in California

                  plotting combination idea    

                  plotting isnít working          

      Oct:      Hill Country is chosen as an RT 2010 Best First Series Book nominee

      Nov 5th: see .38 Caliber cover on Amazon



      Nov 14th: writerís retreat

                  breakthrough about plotting problem

                  begin work on proposal

                  Tim emergency root canal

                  15 days in Chicago

                  agent & editor curious where proposal is

      Dec 1st: Launch --blog to promote authors and new releases


                  Tim = sick 14 days

                  BOOK TRAILER for .38 Caliber posted

                  Angi = sick 7 days

                  OUT of HCH books and order more from Amazon.

                  Hard to find 10 copies for contest entries

                  5 days in Louisiana

                  Great Expectations Contest commitment, record number of entries 2nd year

      January: 10 days in NYC

                  agent & editor still curious where proposal is

      Jan 11th: Hold first copy of .38 Caliber

                  met editor for lunch

                  38 DAYS of .38 CALIBER contest & promotion begin

                  PROPOSAL for next projects should be in NYC

      Feb 8th: BOOK ON SHELVES

                  blogs, Facebook, Suspense Basket, 4 book signings



            Time to write.

            Alone time.

            Ahhhhaaa.... a plotting weekend in Albuquerque !





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Intrigues where honor & danger collide with love.

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