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First appeared as an RWA PRO-ORG Class Bootcamp--Part 5.



What a great ride.

Awesome thrills.

Woo Hoo for your first sale.

Double WOWSERS when you see your book on the shelf.


But guess what...itís only the beginning. Itís the first ride in the park. Thereís another one right after the hotdog stand. And then another right after the lemonade. And donít forget to get right back in the next line.


There were a lot of subjects I didnít get to cover, but Iím completely out of time. Hereís a list of things to gather information on when you sell:

      1)   Budget

                  Decide how much youíre going to spend on promotion.

                  Remember that each time you give a book away on-line...you have to mail it. So it might be a free book, but postage is going to add up fast.

      2)   Bookmarks:

                  Designing is easy with the right on-line printer set-up.

                  There are on-line companies that allow you to download their templates.

                   ďCMYKĒ (find out what that means and to match colors to find out what youíre truly ordering)

                  Theyíre also cheap. Donít pay hundreds of dollars to have them designed & printed.

                  M2cents: Go with glossy on both sides, they look more professional (same with business cards)

      3)   Author stickers:

                  Donít forget to order WAAAYYY ahead of your release.

      4)   Book Signings:

                  Get an experienced chapter mate or friend to help you out.

                  Arrange book signing dates two-to-three months ahead.

                  Large book stores have a community representative who arranges book signings. You might want to build a relationship with the local one. Donít be afraid to introduce yourself at local book signings and pave the way to an established relationship.

      5)   Release week:

                  Donít get side-tracked in the promotion and FORGET to visit book stores and EXPERIENCE the release.

                  Take pictures. Itís one sure-fire way to draw fans to your website.

                  Release Day: Celebrate with friends. Visit book stores. Go to lunch. Make it a big deal. IT REALLY IS A BIG DEAL.


There are a lot more subjects to cover. Ever thought about having a panel of authors at a chapter meeting to give tips and pointers? Even established authors are having to transition into a digital world, so having panels with digital, small press, and large press authors would benefit all members of your group.



PSSSSTTTT... Donít forget the advertisements as you head to the next ride.




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I hope you enjoy the fun ride to publication.

ĎYíall come back now!í



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Intrigues where honor & danger collide with love. 


Feb 8th
still available
2010 RWA GH WINNER: Series Suspense & Adventure
2010 RT Best Series First Book Nominee



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