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I never for one moment thought ten months would zoom by as fast as it did. I literally blinked and found myself behind. Late. Sidetracked. Over-worked. Trying to catch up. Okay, you get the sorry picture Iím painting. But hereís the kicker. I KNEW that was happening, but it didnít FEEL bad. I was happy. Wow...very happy. In fact, I was so happy that I didnít realize it was translating into my writing. OH YEAH, my dark, numb, burned-out under-cover agent had a Happy-Go-Lucky demeanor which wasnít helping push the story forward. Which slowed the writing, which put me further behind schedule.


And then...oops, you need knee surgery. Now.


Okay -- I admit that it was a strange, fantastic, thrilling year that has barely slowed enough for a snow day (which we have here in North Texas). But thatís the whole point of my sharing. I PROBABLY would have stayed on my time schedule, MAY have been able to learn the things I need to know, IF I hadnít sold a second book so fast (but I donít particularly like THAT scenario). So how do you get caught up?


I make lists.


I love making a list. Writing down EVERY LITTLE THING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE and then loving the satisfaction I feel marking them off. Itís a strong visceral feeling for me. Fortunately, my husband likes them too. 




ďFIVEĒ things I wish Iíd known about SOCIAL MEDIA before I SOLD

1.   Branding

Name recognition

How long do I want to use this ďbrandĒ? Am I stuck with it?

When should you begin?

2.   Blogging

Establishing my own blog

Guest & Group blogging

How to determine if blogging is worth your while?

Is blogging already on its way out?

3.   Social Media

Pseudonyms, emails, domains

Twitter, Facebook

GoodReads and other reader sites

Time management, Google calendars

4.   Website

Design, branding, programs

Interfacing with Facebook

Affiliate programs, Buttons, Widgets

Upkeep: cost, updating pages from my laptop

5.   Book Trailers, Book Marks, Business Cards

Designing, when, how many

Where to order, whatís a good price

Where do you use them?

What the heck is YouTube and people really spend their time here?


Itís a long list. And doesnít cover everything, Iím sure. And I canít cover everything today. I do not have all the answers, but I have a bit of immersion experience. There are on-line classes you can take. Books for Dummies (which Iím thinking about obtaining) --that might be the route I need. If you have the money, hire someone. Bribe a teenager.


I try to cross things off my list... But, well, this is one situation where as soon as youíre sure about the answers, they come out with the 2.0 upgrade.



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