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October 21, 2018

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Sunday with the Pups

September 30, 2018

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Angi Morgan Books
Angi Morgan Books2 weeks ago
I was also dissed at a book signing for writing romance.
Also for writing about Texas. Also for writing about cowboys. Also for being traditionally published. It's a sad world that can't just be happy...AND THAT'S WHY I WRITE ROMANCE.
Thanks for this Jeannie Moon.
Angi Morgan Books
Angi Morgan Books3 weeks ago
It's a drizzly, cool day...perfect for writing.
What are you doing?
Angi Morgan Books
Angi Morgan Books4 weeks ago
I'm sharing about writing Protecting Their Child. Lots of research photos and an exciting excerpt. Join her on the blog, leave a comment to be entered in $5.00 giveaway.
Angi Morgan Books
Angi Morgan Books4 weeks ago
Angi Morgan Books
Angi Morgan Books4 weeks ago
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Angi Morgan Books
Angi Morgan Books1 month ago